Big ideas don't need to come from big places anymore

Tim Blazejewski

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Tim Blazejewski :

1725 Haskell Parkway, Olean, New York 14760
Office: 716 379 8390
Mobile: 716 697 1875

Whether you operate your business in a small town like Olean or in a big city, I can make your marketing dollar go much further. Please reach out if you have any questions. I’d love to help.

“It’s not where you’re at

…It’s where you’re at.”


He’d say tapping his index finger to his temple. He was suggesting the power of attitude over physicality. That was the response of my first employer when I asked why he chose to relocate a successful New York City design and marketing communication agency to the remote Allegheny Mountains. A telecommuting pioneer from my small hometown of Olean, he explained that with technology and much lower overhead he could break the barriers of distance and time to provide top-quality and more cost-effective solutions to clients anywhere in the world. And we did. All made possible with bold vision and the technological marvel called the facsimile machine. That was in 1985.

Imagine what can be accomplished today.