I help
new brands
take shape

And long established
ones to shine


( Regardless their size )


I blaze trails to help them reach new customers


Not by just looking hip.
Or clever. Or pretty. But by being more strategic communicators.


So when these brands turned to their agencies, their agencies turned to me.

Now you can too.



I create work that grabs their eye. Holds their interest. And makes them truly care about what you’re saying. Then—and this is the phenomenal part—they actually do what you want them to.

My name is Tim Blazejewski. I help brands and businesses find the best way to reach their customers.

This site should give you an idea of what I do, what I’ve done, and what I can help you achieve.

Who I am

I’m not a big expensive advertising agency

or foofy design boutique.

In fact, I’m the little guy the big guys would hire to actually do the work — their work.

For over 30 years they’ve looked to me to help their clients achieve their goals—not to mention their own.

Now I’m on my own. Cutting out the middle man and offering my marketing services to you directly.

Marketing consultant. Freelance graphic designer. Micro-agency. Art director hybrid or brand-blazer. It’s hard to label me. Or put me in a box. One minute I’m launching a fully integrated brand experience. The next I’m updating brochure copy, designing a website, or directing a shoot.

I’ve applied years of cross-discipline expertise in market communications to almost every industry imaginable. From sole-proprietors to corporations. The one thing they have in common is that I put each, and their success, at the heart of everything I do.

Value is perception. Perception can be altered.

What I do

I help brands and businesses by clarifying, simplifying and amplifying their stories.

By crossing the boundaries between marketing disciplines I deliver insights, ideas and cost savings that few can.

Advertising, graphic design, brand creation and image development

Strategic and creative development, production and implementation

Project coordination in traditional print, television and digital media

Multifaceted programs, start to finish, or individual components

What I’ve Done

The best way to understand what I do is to check out what I’ve done.

brand-blazer (brand-blazer.com) is a personal portfolio site. It spans my entire marketing career including work from as early as 1984. Obviously the concepts, designs and even a good deal of the copy shown are predominately mine. But I can’t take all the credit, as all projects are a collaborative effort to some extent: account executives, clients, photographers, production assistants, etc. — I’d like to thank everyone for their contributions. Some of the examples were done directly with my clients, while others were contracted through various agencies. They retain their original copyrights. In the interest of professional confidentiality, I have chosen not to include their names.

What I do if I don’t do it

Occasionally, an assignment may require a different kind of specialist. Or maybe an entire team of specialists. Luckily, with my experience and connections, I know just who to call.


Unlike most virtual agencies, I’m not obligated to prearranged partnerships. That means that I have the freedom to cherry-pick only those whose skill-sets and talents are the perfect match for a particular job.

I have access to those brilliant young digital up-and-comers as well as other battle-hardened marketing veterans like myself. They might be in my neck of the woods, yours, or across the country. Being right-sized with the right resources is just a call away.

How I do it

The trick is to speak to the head and the heart.

Rational, feature-and-benefit conversations inform. But when you can strike an emotional chord – now you’re talkin’.

Analytical left brain and the emotional right brain combined in brand marketing

It all starts by listening to people. Understanding their needs. Their fears. What makes them happy. What breaks their heart. By listening you begin to know not just what they think, but why. My work speaks to a person; not a demographic. It’s not enough to address their pain points on a flat intellectual level. Instead, I try to speak to their emotional needs as well. In a language that evokes a deeper understanding of what you offer. When you pair the two you begin a chain reaction. Your message begins to engage. To spark an actual relationship that motivates the reader to investigate. To understand. To act.

Pictures of cuddly puppies have their place but most emotional triggers are far less obvious. In fact, they can be so subtle that, in isolation, they appear insignificant. But combined, they form a powerful  synergy. In addition to imagery, triggers can include words, colors, shapes and sizes. Space, alignment and texture. My job is to orchestrate these cues to generate perceptions. To reinforce ideas. To communicate deeper meaning better and faster than the words alone can express. Perception is reality. When paired with information, the result is nothing less than phenomenal.

A vast knowledge and understanding of branding as well as outstanding work on packaging and business identity systems. I recommend Tim to any business in search of a talented, hard working art director.

Dave Courtney - Canisius College

Tim worked extensively with us and created multiple designs and labels that have helped us in award winning presentations ever since. To this day, we continue to build our brand on the design foundation Tim first created over 25 years ago. We’ve enjoyed working with him on assignments since then and look forward to continued growth.

Randall Sprague – Sprague’s Maple Farms

Awesome CD, highly conceptual AD, and a damn good writer. Smart, indefatigably creative, fresh and insightful concepts. No matter the circumstance, Tim's professionalism, patience, droll wit and humor shine through

Linda Latshaw - Brand Response

Tim has helped us develop our corporate logo, trademarks, and all other advertising and marketing since 2007. Tim is a great listener, intelligent, creative & has the ability to quickly understand the intended product, market & customer. Tim understands the subtlety of our particular market, high end golf apparel, even though he has had no formal introduction or training in this particular field.

Robert S. Stein, President — Donald Ross Sportswear

I have been consistently impressed by Tim’s ability to produce strong designs on a variety of project types. Tim is a knowledgeable craftsman, whose experience will add depth to any design assignment.

Thomas Mooney – Cenergy Communications

A strong visual sense, the ability to conceptualize, and a dedicated work ethic. Tim demonstrated the ability to perservere on a high-volume, quick turn-around account.

Craig Brown – Idea Connections, Atlanta

Tim is responsive. He answers the phone and returns phone calls promptly. No Excuses! Tim is nimble enough that he can take on new projects and make you feel like you are his only customer. Tim brings little ego but much confidence to the table! We enjoy working with Tim very much.

Robert S. Stein, President — Donald Ross Sportswear

I can’t thank you enough Tim. The work is first class all the way. Customers now give us a second look. I’m very happy we made the right choice.

Mark Parker – RND Industries

What an incredible contribution Tim made as creative leader. He lent credibility through both his extensive work experience and his ability to speak strategically on design. Tim was a strong and critical asset.

Michele G.

Tim’s professionalism and interaction with colleagues and clients made him a terrific asset. He brought a great deal of creativity to our agency and helped us launch several very successful campaigns.

Kevin – Triad Marketing

We brought Tim on to enhance our graphic design capabilities, and he did just that. He has a contemporary approach to design that is very refreshing. A team player willing to do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Susan Schutte – The Schutte Group

Our client was ecstatic to secure a full line at Home Depot. A big key was the shelf merchandising system. Thanks to your creative vision they secured a big win.

Michele G.

Who I’ve done it for

Big corporations, mid-sized companies and guys named Joe.

I’d say “small businesses” too, but for a sole-proprietor there’s nothing small about it. It means everything. I’m one too. That’s why I give everybody the same attention and respect no matter how big they are. My fees are flexible. My commitment is not. Sure I’ve worked with some well-known brands, but I’ve worked for many more that aren’t. The truth is that some projects aren’t especially glamorous. But that doesn’t mean they’re any less important. To the contrary. That’s my challenge: to increase perceived value. To make every assignment, and what it says, more important. No matter who it’s for or what it communicates.

Over the years, I’ve worked closely with dozens of professional marketing communication specialists to help their clients. Advertising agencies, design shops, branding houses and marketing firms have all trusted me with, not only their client’s projects, but often theirs as well. Their business. Their reputation. Their brand. I also work directly with entrepreneurs, businesses and organizations to help them talk to their customers, sales channels and employees. I help their message get amplified and intensified. So it reaches more people with more impact.

I’ve worked with B2B and consumer brands. Upstarts and established. Local and international. Big budgets and no budgets. And in just about every industry imaginable.You’d be hard pressed to find someone with a comparable breadth of experience. So why does that matter to you? Because that combined experience has provided me with a unique and invaluable perspective. A practical perspective that provides for a cross-pollination of ideas, truly breakthrough solutions and unprecedented results.

Below are just a few of the brands I’ve touched. My involvement has varied tremendously. From extensive and strategically foundational to tactical support.


It’s important that potential customers see you as different. Special.


I can help make you more distinctive.


What it’s worth

 Only one brand can be the cheapest.

All others have to compete by adding value.

That’s where I come in.

Not everyone can dominate the marketplace with an obvious one-of-a-kind position. That’s okay. But the less unique you are, the more distinct you need to be to compensate. To get your story known you have to fight even harder for attention, comprehension and recall. Like it or not, people do judge a book by its cover. It doesn’t matter how good the writing is. Nobody will know unless they pick it up and open the cover.

One way to make your story more compelling, and help justify a higher price point, is to dial up your perceived value. One-upping the competition through impression. By clarifying and accentuating strategic attributes, I can fine-tune your message to psychologically feel more advantageous. More beneficial. In other words, more valuable. I can make your message more worth noticing. More worth reading. More worth acting on.

As brand-blazer I employ well-honed techniques to better communicate that something is easier, bigger, smaller, or tougher for example. Whichever adjective resonates most true and relevant. Which adjective can I help you communicate? (Sorry, but you can’t pick “betterer”.) Comparative adjectives: priceless.

“If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.”

– Dr. Ralph Speth, CEO Jaguar

Your business is unique.

The way you reach your customers will be too.

I can help you find it.

I’ve been a brand-blazer for a while. I know the lay of the land. I can help get your message to your customers on time and on budget. The rest is up to you. If you’re willing to talk, I’m here to listen. Together, we’ll find the way that’s right for you.

Tim Blazejewski : Brand-Blazer


1725 Haskell Parkway

Olean, New York 14760

Office: 716-379-8390

Cell: 716-697-1875